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Quote: Originally Posted by The Pook View Post
I'm not a fan of Gigabyte either, their BIOSes are kinda doodoo

Shame really, they're killing it (at least on Z390) with their VRMs and have the best boards at just about every price point. I really do like my Taichi though, first AsRock board I ran since AM3.
Agreed, although I have my beefs it is usually a great board to recommend to budget builders I find... I gave a hand me down to a friend that was running my Q6600 - Which as we discussed had strange bios issues but also if I may say build quality issues. Maybe it was just a funked board but a lot of the "static" components wobbled a bit too much for my liking... so much that I believe some of the pins in the PCI housing moved/shifted in such a way that not all the pins were making contact. That was probably the last time I'd consider one for myself for the time being...

I'm not a HUGE OC'er. However, it bothers me when I cannot run games (when I get time to play them) at their max potential. I am/was huge into the FF series so when FFXV released I was stoked. Though it completely destroyed my system - So I migrated away from the GTX970SSC and moved on to the GTX1080. Even then, it wasn't enough. So that's when I decided to start playing around with the CPU clock and started noticing it was making difference, to my novice surprise. I had kind of been under the assumption that you could have a decent CPU - but things such as games more so heavily relied on GPU performance. Though, thats when I did the delid reseal replacing the compound with LM etc. and decided to push the clock as much as I could. Which brings me to the point of my story where I feel I had a really good experience with AsRocks BIOS!

(EDIT: to fix a typo that bothered me)

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