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Thanks my friend. Yes I can take all the successes I can get lol.. Thanks for helping with this one. I don't have the finances to buy a whole new computer so this helped a lot... I paid like 50 dollars for this chip on ebay so I am pleased. I am glad you got to hit your potential with your career. I went through life where everyone thought I would be a doctor, lawyer or something big since elementary school. I had professors at NYU who were experts in their field pull me aside and tell me I was the most gifted student they had in 30 years .. all kinds of praise and potential... But it means nothing if you don't have your mental and/or physical health.. Especially mental health. If you have those two things you can be a bum in the street with a dollar in your pocket and still come out ahead. But I am sure others out there have it even worse than I do. There is always someone out there with it worse, so I try to appreciate what I do have, even if it's not a lot. I am glad you didn't end up wasting your talents the way I have wasted whatever ones that I had.
I wish you health and happiness in the new year. Thanks again for all your help.
Best wishes to the dark lord.
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