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LED is a type of backlight as in LED instead of CCFL. These monitors are often cheap TNs.
LCD is: IPS, TN, VA and each has many brand names and variants.

Buying 1080p in 2019 is stupid when you can get a nice 1440p under $200.

If you're in for 144Hz+ you're in for a bad surprise, most of the panels suck badly. You can try VA from AUO in 31.5" if you're OK with the black smearing of VA and it's low viewing angles.
If you're after IPS then 27" is the only thing around for it and you're better off waiting a few months until new monitors with panels from Innolux and LG get on market, some are but it seems they reused old electronics with same old issues that the AUO panel based monitors had since 2014, they don't learn from customer complaints and customers returning products due to their design and manufacturing mess ups.
TN... if you only game and only game, then sure get a 240Hz TN, I think 1440p ones are getting on market and never look back. These are as fast as it gets for LCD. If you can get one with strobing, damn, near CRT like motion sharpness.

You really need to set your budget first. I've went through all the 144Hz IPS and VA panels available in 2017/18 and ended up with a cheap 75Hz that looks better than all of them and has no issues...
Unfortunately the 144Hz monitors tend to be gamery marketed and their quality is often very poor with terrible lotteries where some you simply cannot ever buy defect free unless you get a cherry picked review sample, you can try 10 units and return them all due to defects... it's that bad with some.

The only 144Hz I don't mind recommending is the AUO 31.5" 1440p 144Hz VA found in LG 32GK850 and PX329 in flat variant. Even then you may need to try a few to get a defect free good one and also watch out for the endless blurry image sharpness issue.
XV272U so far from user reports looks to be blurry and the one unit was also terribly BLB affected. VG271U... don't know, probably blurry too, unlikely Acer changed the firmware for one new model and not the others.
LG 27GL850 who knows when that will be in shops.
Gigabyte maybe with the Innolux panel, again who knows when.

The infamous Nixeus EDG 27... if you can get a good one or rather if you can buy it all since Nixeus only sells it in 1 country really and refuses to sell elsewhere.
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