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I would not be very concerned about the LCD or LED.
1ms and 3ms is not really telling you much and most companies lie anyways about the response time. They are talking about how fast the pixels change color but they are advertising the time it takes for the pixel to change from grey to grey. You will see "3ms gtg" a lot. It takes longer for the pixel to change from white to black. So take what they say with a grain of salt. (less is better)

When I shop for a monitor I'm looking at the following:
-size/ resolution/ response time
-60hz or 100hz etc
-TN or IPS panel
-vesa mount
-warranty/ reputation/ reviews

Read the reviews and watch the youtube reviews.
There is a trade off with every monitor. Maybe one has great color, but it is not as fast. One might be very fast, but color is pretty far off. Cheap monitors are more likely to have dead or stuck pixels. You have to find what monitor has more of what you want and less of what you can live with out.
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