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FS: BIOS Reset Switch(es). Great for Overclockers!

Tired of fumbling with that tiny little plastic jumper every time you need to do another BIOS reset?

I make & sell reset switches to do that.

You just replace the little plastic jumper with this 3 pin switch, and from then on, just switch back and forth any time you want to do a BIOS reset. WAYYYY easier, and nicer.

I've already made and sent several to some happy Ebayers. I only make them in small batches; usually 5 at a time, and will only keep making them as long as they keep selling, so it's kind of a "get it while it's hot" situation.

$9.99 each + free shipping. Only Paypal Accepted: PM me for my Paypal address and with the address you want it sent to. After payment is received I'll ship it right out.

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