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All I can say is .....
Do NOT use AIDA 64 for stressing as it is not stressful enough.

Use either prime 95 26.6 1344k to 1344k, in place FFTs checked. Also u can use Realchench stress test, 2.44 or 2.56. Version 2.56 is more stressful as it uses (afaik) AVX so it will probably downclock your cpu if you have it set up in the bios(avx offset) so watch out on that.
First test if you can pass 1 hour, then if you are happy test 8 hours.

Anyway....if you pass prime or realbench for 8Hours, you are good to go.

For me for example, i7 4790K, 5100MHz..
.....for realbench 2.44, I need 1.335V for 1 hour.
But for realbench 2.56, I need 1.347v for 1 hour.
You can see the difference(Bear in mind the cpu is always at 5100MHz no matter of AVX).

Prime 95 26.6, 1344k, is similar to realbench 2.44, in terms of "how hard the test is". Temps are also similar.

Good luck!

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