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Quote: Originally Posted by shilka View Post
First off if you are going to use it for the OS and nothing else drop the 970 Evo as NVME drives are not in any way faster or better than AHCI based drives when it comes to OS and gaming load times

NVME drives are only faster if you are using software that can use the speeds of NVME and there is little software that can do that today (unless you use Linux) so unless you will be working with large file sizes and moving them around on the drive dont bother with a 970 Evo its a waste of time and money so buy another 860 Evo instead

Second the Corsair HXi is not worth buying when the RMi and RMx uses a cheaper and better version of the same platform or you could go with a Seasonic Foucs or Prime Ultra which are newer and better

850 watts is way overkill and a 650 watt is more than enough power for that system
And last if you need storage for videos pictures and other stuff you dont access every day or need high speeds for buy a 7200 RPM HDD
I did some deeper research into what you were saying about the NVME drives. Not trying to start an arguement, but I found this: https://www.techspot.com/news/67222-...ta-vs-hdd.html Ideally, if I can put everything on M.2 it would make for a cleaner build.

Booting Windows 10
HDD: 36 Seconds.
SATA: 9 seconds
NVMe: 6 seconds

Loading Call of Duty on Windows 10
HDD: 53 Seconds
SATA: 25 seconds
NVMe: 11 seconds

The idea behind 850 watts is if I want to SLI in a few years, I can do that. But in hindsite, I might never actually do that. Probably going to switch out power supply for an RMi 650 watts.

Thanks for the feedback!

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