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Quote: Originally Posted by Kalm_Traveler View Post
Having never seen emergency mode - does the display shut off if that happens? I'd assumed that since I'm able to pass all sorts of crazy benchmarks with a heat-limited OC and ~ 430w pull (stock max limit with 112% power is 313.6w - cards never reached that high as far as they know) that the 3MO resistance is fine.
No, it simply locks to 300 MHz with the power limit instead of the load limit in apps like HWInfo. When I was using a 5MO resistor on top, instead of the 8MO, it would go in and out of safety. For example, in the Space Center in Kerbal Space Program it would go into lock mode and I would get 14 fps or something, but while actually flying rockets it would unlock and I would get great performance. Timespy ran fine but Firestrike was locked to 300 MHz. Idle in windows would bounce locked and unlocked, watching the power limit trigger on and off when idling at 300 MHz is an odd thing.

I think half the power used (2.5 mOhm), compared to expected, is very close to or at the limit. I wish I had started with 7MO on top (2.917 mOhm) instead of 8MO (3.077 mOhm). I bought a large selection of these resistors but I expected to need to go to an even higher value (I have up to 20MO) so I stupidly used the 8MO instead of the 7MO to save time... I am totally content with a max of ~520W instead of ~548W but it would have been nice to know and I did order them.
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