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Building a rig for a family member, word of warning if not mentioned already.

Attempting to install these on a 1607 build results in system corruption, PC hangs at shut down, reboot, etc, initiates windows repair on forced startup. You can use AMD's cleanup tool to remove everything, but system's still unstable, need re-format.
Attempting to install latest chipset with its bundled gfx drivers (forget these here) does... work, but results in an infinite Radeon Installer loop, persisting even after reboots (no task entry either, couldn't even locate its trigger). So basically also a no-go.

So, if like me, you had some nice LTSB 1607 stable build in mind, without bloatware and gimmicks..? Nope, 1709 at the minimum.
(yes, am aware of 1709 being the bare 'minimum' for Ryzens, but frankly i) this is about GFX, ii) 1607 worked just fine so far regardless. Am kinda surprised it does so still, but not for graphics. Have never, ever had a similar issue with NuGreedia GFX driver suites. Not very happy right now)

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