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Wish they would make a 24.5" version without the harmon kardon speakers and use freesync instead. I think a lot of that $1k price tag is from G-Sync and having a 'premium' audio name like harmon kardon for the speakers. Going to be interesting to see the prices from competitors if they've gotten their hands on the same panel. I can't justify spending $1k on a TN panel, unless it was absolutely perfect from lottery bs every monitor seems to have.

These new 0.5ms were rumored to be better, but seems like it was all BS. I read on blurbusters about improved viewing angles, better colors, etc - but the MSI 0.5ms released and everyone said it looks like the typical last gen TN with no improvements. And they advertise 0.5ms, but if you go on the MSI site, the spec sheet is listed as 1ms. Same exact thing with the new Acer, advertised as 0.5ms, but spec page listed as 1ms.

If you check the LG spec sheet, it's listed as 0.5ms with 'extreme' OD. So it's likely not going to be practical to use extreme 0.5ms, unless 'extreme' is just marketing bs to imply it's very good. Every 'extreme' od setting I've tried on every monitor was always the worst with trailing, overshoot, and other issues you typically get with the fastest overclocked overdrives.

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