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Quote: Originally Posted by ZealotKi11er View Post
1607 is not supported any more. What a weird reason to complain about.
I think it's weird for Western folks to give Japanese names to rigs.
I think it's weird for the average manchild to play games at the age of 45.
I think it's weird for a staggering majority of adults to play with RGB lights and bubbles as if they're babies; i could go on and on about weird.

What i would not consider weird is a mere comparison between NuGreedia's and AMD's graphics suites. Much as i happen to favour AMD, for both GPUs and GPUs.
As long as i have a win10 64bit driver, i can install it on any win10 64 build and have it work out of the box with "it just works".
I cannot do that with AMD.

Now if you, in your limited understanding, critical thinking or intellectual capacity think it's perfectly O.K. just because someone told you so? Just.. oops, no more? Good for you. It's easy to just say "sure" to everything.
Do allow me the commentary however, who knows, it might of help to another

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