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Quote: Originally Posted by phalkore View Post
First time posting so I hope I'm doing this right...

So I'm new to overclocking and just playing around with a few basic settings at the moment (basically multiplier and vcore).
So my issue is, lets say I set my Vcore at 1.35v and my clock at 5ghz then run either Prime95 or Aida64 my temps stay below 70c but I BSOD. Then I up the Vcore to 1.375 and keep the 5ghz. When I stress again it goes longer and my temps hover around 70c to 73c and again BSOD.
So what I'm confused about is I was under the impression that more Vcore means higher temps and from everything I've seen high temps are always the problem before voltage.
So because my temps are so low I thought I would have some more OC headroom, but voltage is definitely winning the race.
Am I missing something?
Thanks in advance, any info is appreciated!!

My build just in case:
Aorus Z390 Ultra
Noctura D-15
Corsair DDR4 3200
MSI 1070ti gaming
EVGA 750 psu
There's more to overclocking than just CPU voltage. Perhaps your LLC is allowing too much vdroop so while you set a certain voltage, under load you're not actually getting that much to the CPU. You can watch the VR Vout voltage in HWiNFO64 to see what voltage is actually going to your CPU. Perhaps VCCSA or VCCIO are set too low. Perhaps it's the cache that's having problems (you don't say what the cache speed is set to).

Aida64 isn't a very tough stress test so I wouldn't expect particular high temps with that. Many settings with Prime95 will make a very tough stress test (I run Prime95/blend).

You haven't found stability yet so your temps don't yet really mean much. You either have a chip that won't do 5GHz or you probably need more voltage somewhere.

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