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Depending on your case and airflow, a blower card may be better :-) Imho the hate for this sort of cooler is a bit overblown. I had the 1070 FE in a Ncase M1 (SFX) and it was perfect and a lot less noisy than my 2080 FE or 2080 ti were.

otherwise, I think you should be really fine with your 2080 for 1440p 144hz. You will not push 144fps at max settings in all games but as said above decreasing a few setting should do the trick.

If it is not the case, then the game is probably poorly optimized and it would be the same with e.g. a 2080ti (e.g. PUBG).

Do you have a recent CPU?

If I remember benchmarks correctly Shadow of Tomb Raider and AC Odyssey are not the easiest titles to drive so that you should expect better FPS with most of the other titles.

In any case, unless you play at a very high level, 100fps already quite nice.

At this price point, you could go TN with a S2719DGF from Dell or with Acer with the VG270UP. Both support freesync but not sure they are Gsync compatible. There is probably a lot of others.

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