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Quote: Originally Posted by CallsignVega View Post
Hmm, something doesn't sound right. How long are these cables?

At 4K/60 Hz, what color format/depth are you using in NVIDIA control panel? Is your E8 the only display connected to the video card? You obvious turned on "HDMI Deep Color" on all of the E8's HDMI inputs? You turn your used HDMI input in the input menu to the PC icon?

I know it sounds cliche, is your Win 10 fully up to date? I have no problem running HDR on my C8 at 4K/60 Hz RGB Full, 8-bit color in Windows 10 with my RTX Titan. You will need to drop down to 4:2:2 chroma if you want full 10-bit HDR on LG OLEDS at 60 Hz.
I think I figured it out, but to answer your questions:

Cables were between 3 and 6 feet and tried in two different HDMI Ports

All options for CF/D were locked to limited and chroma 4/2/0 I think?

Of course 4K was enabled on TV. Icon was changed from CBL/Satellite to HDMI2. I don't quite remember seeing a label for PC, but I'm not the most observant person either lol

E8 WAS the only thing connected at the time but had previously been connected to my 1080p monitor in my room. (I did notice that 1080p was showing as native at the time which I think was related to the problem which I'll get to in a minute)

Did the October Windows update

I knew about the chroma/10-bit restrictions do to HDMI bandwidth, but I don't think having 4:4:4 really matters when the tv is a display anyway right? Wouldn't 10 bit color be preferable?

So in the end, this is what happened. Realizing I left out a key piece of information which is that I was plugged into an Onkyo RZ-720 AVR. It is fully capable of doing 4K passthrough, 2020 color, HDR, Chroma 4:4:4 and 60 Hz. I researched it thoroughly. I connected the PC directly to the TV since I have ARC enabled anyway and low and behold, it worked and 3840 × 2160 was now shown as native. I reconnected to my AVR and Voila! Problem solved.

Honestly, I probably shouldn't be, but I'm proud of myself.

The one thing I did forget to check was what my chroma sampling options were available/set to after I finally got HDR working as I was exhausted and barely coherent. Now I'm struggling at work because my OCD-like need to figure this out before I went to bed.


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