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[Phoronix]Quake 2 now has real-time path tracing with Vulkan

Quake 2 now has real-time path tracing with Vulkan
Q2VKPT is the first playable game that is entirely raytraced and efficiently simulates fully dynamic lighting in real-time, with the same modern techniques as used in the movie industry (see Disney's practical guide to path tracing). The recent release of GPUs with raytracing capabilities has opened up entirely new possibilities for the future of game graphics, yet making good use of raytracing is non-trivial. While some games have started to explore improvements in shadow and reflection rendering, Q2VKPT is the first project to implement an efficient unified solution for all types of light transport: direct, scattered, and reflected light (see media). This kind of unification has led to a dramatic increase in both flexibility and productivity in the movie industry. The chance to have the same development in games promises a similar increase in visual fidelity and realism for game graphics in the coming years.

Just an FYI to NVIDIA, /\THIS/\ is how you sell RTX. Not a brand new game that already brings a lot of systems to their knees, but old games where you can breathe entirely new life into it without massive performance penalties like having to drop from 4K to 1080p when you turn RTX on. I just watched a vid from UFD Tech(?) where they were running Battlefield 5 and half the time they couldn't tell if it was even on. It's EASY to see the difference on a game from this vintage.

How many games out there have an SDK where this could be implemented? I know there are literally dozens of Unreal engine games like Deus Ex that have one. How about Half Life? And NVIDIA would not have had to coordinate with any current developers, they could just hire the team and do it and then get 1,000,000 Brownie Buttons when the community got to mess around with path traced Deus Ex. How much would the coding team cost to do this for the RTX launch? I could just hear the tag line, "We didn't remaster anything, we just updated the renderer and take a look! This is what's possible. This is what we''re baking into the new games right from the start." Apply the future to the past deliberately so that the contrast between the two could not be more pronounced.

Oh, and this also makes my point about SDKs - it should be illegal to ship a game without an SDK so that the community can keep the game running in perpetuity. It should also be mandatory that the source code be uploaded in it's entirety ten years from the latest patch or upon bankruptcy of the company. In fact I would apply this to all software, not just games.

I calculated the odds of this succeeding versus the odds I was doing something incredibly stupid... and I went ahead anyway.

If it's not coming out for the PC, it's dead to me.

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