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With that rig you should be more than fine.

Regarding IPS and VA:

- VA:

+Deeper blacks, more contrast, maybe less prone to issues like BLB and other issues since you do not have to deal with the AUO 27 IPS panel
- Lesser response time with sometimes issues like ghosting, lesser viewing angle


+Good colors, good viewing angles, good contrast, good reactivity
- Almost all 1440p 27 144hz panel are made by AUO and the QC is more than horrible leading to issues like horrible BLB, dead pixels, bright sports, dust under coating, stains etc...

Innolux released recently a similar panel and although first feedback seems better, the QC seems not perfect.

With a budget of 350 EUR, if you want a VA/IPS panel with 1440p 144hz and freesync, i am afraid there is no display. The following are a bit more expensive. Maybe cheaper where you live?

- Acer VG270upbmiipx: 27' IPS : 378 EUR
- Acer ED323QURAbidpx 32' VA : 407 EUR
- MSI AG32CQ: 32 VA 144hz: 436 EUR

- Samsung LC27HG70 27' VA: 475
- Acer XV272UPbmiiprzx: 27' IPS (Innolux panel): 484 EUR

Good luck :-)

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