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Seen this yesterday on mobile, not bad, what is confusing is how media mixes up ray tracing and path tracing as if it's the same thing, making it hard to know what the thing they talk about really uses without downloading it and checking the readme, etc. or even asking the devs.
It looks pretty raw for path tracing but considering how little acceleration the RTX cards have... it's not that suspriring that the quality is kept low. Hard to tell what they are faking and what they path trace or ray trace. A pure path tracer with no faking... would still take ages to be realtime but it would look miles better.

I'm sure someone can dig in and figure it out what they actually traced and not.

As far as I know FEAR is not open source. The old Quakes are that's why they are a popular learning and modding platform and many games such as HL, CoD, ... were forked from it and initially used a Quake engine clone, used same file formats, same game editors, ...

There has also been ray traced quake or doom not so long ago, but I think it did not use any RTX features and was done the normal old way without RT hardware acceleration. That one had noise in it same as NV's RTX games do.
This quake is weird with the lack of noise, one has to dig in and see what they actually did, what is traced, what is not, if the quality is high or the noise is otherwise reduced.

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