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Thanks for the info and photos in the opening post. Great job, bro.

I had done this mod to my 1080 Ti and it worked great, and now I am planning to do the same with my 2080 Ti. I was able to run the 1080 Ti at 2240 on core with 1.200V and no dynamic clocking nonsense, so I am hoping to be able to do the same or better with the 2080 Ti. Without the mod, my max core clock is 2205 with frequent dropping to 2175 in spite of the fact that I keep it below 30°C when benching it.

Question: Why no shunt mod on RS16? I am wondering if not doing that is what is triggering your low clocks with the 5 ohm resistors and possibly limiting your max core overclock. I did the shunt mod in all three power circuits on the 1080 Ti.

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