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sudo apt install sl
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Quote: Originally Posted by white owl View Post
This game needing a 2080+ makes me wonder if Nvidia is going about this correctly. A 2080TI for this? I bet the GPU core is barely being used right? This is all on the RTX goodies?
Why do we need them built together as a single unit? Does it need to be done this way due to latency or could we have RTX accelerator cards?
I guess if mGPU still isn't totally viable in every game that's too much to hope for right?

Next game to be ray traced? Zelda: Ocarina of Time with a new texture pack...or Mario 64. Someone make this happen!
RTX is just a platform which inside has DxR nVidia enhanced libraries, VKRay(GPU Agnostic) Vulkan extensions, and OptiX(nVidia's API.) We'll see if AMD adopts VKRay but I doubt they will.

A developer can do what ever they want with the platform and Microsoft's DxR is a hybrid ray tracing method also. We are no where near the compute power of having current generation games with full Ray Tracing let alone Path Tracing. If you guys notice in Battlefield V the option is called "DXR Enabled" since AMD cards will also be able to enable DxR once AMD either releases driver support for Vega or wait until they have the hardware to run DxR. RTX just has enhanced libraries to make use of their RT cores.

DXR will initially be used to supplement current rendering techniques such as screen space reflections, for example, to fill in data from geometry that’s either occluded or off-screen. This will lead to a material increase in visual quality for these effects in the near future. Over the next several years, however, we expect an increase in utilization of DXR for techniques that are simply impractical for rasterization, such as true global illumination. Eventually, raytracing may completely replace rasterization as the standard algorithm for rendering 3D scenes. That said, until everyone has a light-field display on their desk, rasterization will continue to be an excellent match for the common case of rendering content to a flat grid of square pixels, supplemented by raytracing for true 3D effects.

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