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Noctua DH15 and DH15S

Hi, im currently a user of H110i GT, im pretty happy with it, however, since its summer here, im starting baseline with 32C on coolant. Current room temps are around 30C.
I was always a little worried about liquid cooling due to possible issues it could cause, however until now, no issues.

Since summer hot, i constantly hit 40C on coolant what lead me to wonder if i can go back to a pretty decent air cooler like noctua DH15 or DH15S.
Specs are:
8700K Dellided 5ghz 1.34v, 2080ti zotac amp, Asus hero X z370.

Max temperatures i seen, even on summer on this setup are 71C on CPU, considering noctua coolers i have 3 questions:

1) Can i have the same level of cooling using noctua as h110? Consider that i usually keep rad fans around 1200rpm now.
2) There is any bending risks due to the extreme weight of this cooler? Im already with an 2080 ti that weights 1100kg. The case i use is the regular vertical mount, thermaltake v41 (clearance allows all noctuas)
3) Someone had any experience with 9900K on noctua, can it keep reasonable temps on a 9900K around 4.8 - 4.9 ghz?

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