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Quote: Originally Posted by MrFox View Post
Question: Why no shunt mod on RS16? I am wondering if not doing that is what is triggering your low clocks with the 5 ohm resistors and possibly limiting your max core overclock. I did the shunt mod in all three power circuits on the 1080 Ti.
That is for the power from the PCIe slot and I didn't want it pulling more from the motherboard. The power balancing circuity only considers the two 8 pin power connections and the card is designed to get most of its power from them anyway. Missing a resistor definitely didn't cause safety mode, the easiest way to fix that was to desolder the resistor I added to the back of the card, with only one it never went into safety mode. Adding more shunts is more likely to cause it to go into emergency mode (except I think it only monitors the two 8 pins?). I never see the power limit flag trigger when running any benchmark or game, only voltage or load limits. My GPU simply doesn't clock very well, even with light loads. Heaven 1080p will crash sometimes at 2130 MHz at any voltage. The lottery is what it is.

I usually run a very stable 2070MHz at 1.025V and I usually see loads that don't go much above 90% of the new power limit (422W). I leave it on 123% anyway.

With a better GPU a higher power limit would probably be more important, the watts used goes up quite a bit at 2200MHz compared to 2100.
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