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Quote: Originally Posted by doyll View Post
As has been said, top tier air coolers are easily as good as CLCs, but we need to setup case airflow so case is flowing air in sync with air cooling components' needs. This means lower airflow at idle and low load and case progressively flowing more are as componet load increases and their cooler fans' speed increases and use more air.

What case do you have? What is the case fan setup going to be with CPU being air cooled?

You might find the basic guide to how airflow works and how to optimize case airflow in below link of interest.

Hi doyll, thanks for your kind response.
My case is a thermaltake v41.

The reason im prone to go back to Air cooling are the follows:
1) I never trusted that much AIOs (or water in general). I must give in that the AIO is keeping good temps for 2 years, it was just when i added an Axis style GPU that i crossed the "magical barrier" (at least for me) of 40c, and rising, of the coolant.
2) Due to current situation in my room, which is posed to change in 6 months, i cant manage to replace the case. The case lies behind, lined with my desk.
3) Even if sound levels are similar, and i dont think so at 1800RPM, AIO is mounted as top exaust, and fans are very near me. With fans inside the case, sound will be dampened.

Currently, 2 140 ML fans @ 60%, 1 120mm ML fan jury rigged as top intake, so 3 intake fans, and 1 rear 120mm jetflow fan @ 60%.
All fans with curves going up to 90%, except radiator fans, those make very bad noises when changing rotation, so usually i keep radiator fans around 1200-1300 RPM, and during the day, due to room temperature around 31-32c, i blast 1800-1900RPM to keep coolant below 40c.
PSU is with fan turned inside case, mostly due to very dusty enviroment.

GPU is always kept below 67c due to zotac fan profiles, but its okay in noise terms to me.

With Noctua DH15 or DH15s, i expect to keep temperatures under control without having to account for coolant temps, while keeping cpu fans at most the max of noctua.
With AIO, even with liquid > 42c, cpu never goes beyond 71c, its 5ghz 1.34v and dellided, there are 3c at most core temperature delta.

The case can support 3 120 or 140mm top fans or up to 2 200mm fans. What you think would be best for air channeling? closing the top or having fans on it? It really annoys me too that with the top grill, i have dust and other particles that often falls into the case.
I was never much of a fan of top grills as it exposes the case to every kind of contaminants than can fall.

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