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Quote: Originally Posted by doyll View Post
As has been said, top tier air coolers are easily as good as CLCs, but we need to setup case airflow so case is flowing air in sync with air cooling components' needs. This means lower airflow at idle and low load and case progressively flowing more are as componet load increases and their cooler fans' speed increases and use more air.

What case do you have? What is the case fan setup going to be with CPU being air cooled?

You might find the basic guide to how airflow works and how to optimize case airflow in below link of interest.
About top fans @doyll :

And if the top fan in actually used as intake? I found a very interesting statement from silverstone here:

Considering the top ventilation is directly near noctua intake it could be capable of pushing fresh air into the DH15 tunnel, while some pressure would keep gpu air down?

Btw, im not trying to reach absolutely maximum cool temperatures, if i can manage to keep my temps on cpu beyond 75c on heavy load its enough for me.
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