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This was an inevitable direction change. The reason this became reality is due to the fact the "sync" technology will continue to evolve. Outdating older models of monitors which had hardware solutions implemented. Essentially taking this tech in a direction where you would ultimately have to pair monitors to GPUs and as such upgrade Monitors every so many GPU upgrades. This paired with a substantial premium markup, and a competitor who had achieved a universal alternative reducing costs across the board by not requiring matching hardware pairs.... need I say more? nVidia got greedy with the tech, AMD made a much better development at far less cost by stopping the potential of the latter, not substantially better in performance, but in future scalability.

The notion of integrated G-Sync chips will die off now as time travels on. Proprietary hardware restrictions will get crushed by the open source forking of AMDs freesync in the long run. This is a big win for the consumer, nVidia will try and play the hero catering to the masses with this. The truth is, it is AMD who is the sidelined hero here, had they followed suit with hardware solutions, we wouldn't be here today.

The only props I have towards nVidia on this is that they finally did it, if only by being forced to in the evolution of competition.

I am very happy though for all of you nVidia users though! This opens up your options massively and is FANTASTIC news!
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