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To follow up on this issue. When the old optical drive was removed, the problem was completely gone. I ordered a new optical drive and when I installed it in the system, the problem was still there. So, following up on some other discussion in this thread, I switched the optical drive to an Intel SATA port instead of an ASMedia SATA port (my computer has 6 Intel SATA ports and 2 ASMedia SATA ports (though some of the Intel ports are out of service because I'm using M.2 NVMe drives which share lanes with them).

With the optical drive in the Intel SATA port, I have not yet seen the problem occur (still need to run a few more days to be sure).

In looking into this, I noticed something curious. The ASRock Z370 Taichi download site shows a specific download called "ASMedia SATA3 driver ver:3.2.1". The ASRock Z390 Taichi download site does not have such a driver. Unless there's some new reason that a separate driver is no longer needed, this may be an ASRock oversight. I've sent a question off to ASRock tech support to inquire about this missing ASMedia SATA driver and am wondering if I can just use driver from the Z370 download site or if I should find a driver download somewhere on ASMedia's site.

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