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Post back what there response is.
Related issues with optical drives on ASMedia SATA ports:

ASRock Z170 Extreme7 Freezing

Linux Distros won't boot when DVD drive plugged into ASMedia SATA port on ASrock Z97 Extreme6

Ubuntu won't boot with DVD drive in ASMedia SATA port - works in Intel port

Hard Freezes with ASMedia SATA and Optical Drive / Redhat

While my main "sleep" problem is when running Windows, I've seen the same problem described in these other posts when trying to boot LinuxMint (I had to unplug the DVD drive from the ASMedia Port to get LinuxMint to boot). There is definitely some incompatibility between an optical drive and ASMedia SATA ports (at least on some ASRock motherboards).

When I google around, I see lots of references to ASMedia SATA ports not liking ATAPI devices (which optical drives are). But, I usually can't nail what I read down to a specific ASMedia chipset or driver. But there's definitely history out there of issues between optical drives and ASMedia SATA ports.

For now, the work-around seems to be to not use an optical drive in an ASMedia SATA port. It will be interesting to see what ASRock support says about this.

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