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I think Nvidia gave the DP VRR now also as a PR show to appease people a bit after their recent endless hate due to performance, power consumption and pricing of Turing. They have to offer VRR with HDMI2.1, I think it's mandatory unlike optional VRR in DP1.2. So they get better "press" by offering DP1.2 VRR now rather than having it only for next cards in 2020 with HDMI2.1. Turing as far as I know is NOT HDMI2.1, only 2.0b. Nvidia needed something to lower the hate toward them that is building up. Obviously anti monopoly is not working in US at all, governments don't know how to deal with monopolies and oligopolies in a digital age, well to be honest they outright support it by allowing corporations to buy any possible competitor before it even becomes a threat on market.
It will take some time before China starts spitting out their own CPU and GPU designs.

Well from the recent input lag measurements of AMD vs Nvidia and the DP VRR, AMD has lower latency even when no sync is used. Not all is greener on Nvidia's lawn.
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