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Quote: Originally Posted by pastor View Post
Hello guys,

I'm an a Threadripper owner since 1 month , I replaced my dead Asus X99-M WS and I7 6950x with an Asrock x399M-TR4 Taichi and a Threadripper 1950x so I used all the "old" parts I had for the new workstation

G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR4-3200 cl 16 (working @ XMP)
Phantek evolv enthoo micro atx case
Corsair H115i pro RGB (with a special bracket) cooler

but I'm facing cooling issue. I'm a bit disapointed with my results, I cannot really overclock :/
and unfortunatly I feel this workstation a bit slow for reactivness (single core performance), for the 3D renderings I admit it rocks !!!
I planned to get a TR4 socket and a 1950x first and upgrade as soon as Threadripper Zen2 will be available ( in a 24-32-48 cores flavor depending of the single core performance) and I will upgrade my cooler at this time

My temperatures and overclocks result are following (I didn't do so much tries) when rendering with 3dsmax VRAY ( 23°C ambiant temperature )

3.40 Ghz tension 1.125v 67.50°C max
3.73 Ghz tension 1.18 v 78°C max
3.83 Ghz tension 1.25 v 87°c max

I tried With and without Turbo but I didn't change the results so much
I checked the thermal paste and I saw nothing wrong

I didn't monitor with other softwares or benchmarks (which could give lower temperature results because Vray is using AVX I think witch is power intensive) but it's what count with my utilisation

So you can see I get extremely high temperatures considering Tmax is 91°C

I don't know if you can confirm me there is something wrong ?

My guess is that my cooler waterblock is not fit for the job (too small for this huge heatspeader), my ambiant temperature and probably a bad batch of the CPU are giving those results

In any way, could you give me advices for an efficient cooler that fit in my Micro ATX case (could be a custom noctua with 120mm fans for instance ?
are those tdie temperatures or tctl temperatures? I run 4275MHz @ 1.45v on custom loop, tdie is about 27c idle, maximum 75c tdie on load.

i heard the Be Quiet! DARK ROCK PRO TR4 rivals high end AIO's in noise and temperature.

Intel Core i9-9900k (Silicon Lottery 5.1GHz @ 5.3GHz 1.36 VCore)
G.SKILL F4-4000C19D-32GTZSW (2x16GiB 4000MHz 19-19-19-39 2T, tuned to 4133MHz 14-17-17-31 2T)
Seasonic PRIME 1300W 80+ Platinum
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