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Quote: Originally Posted by Jarhead View Post
You misunderstand. I have no expectation that they could do this at even 1080p with a newer title. The number of GPU's I mentioned as four wasn't chosen at random, it was chosen because ray tracing benefits from parallel processing. At least that's what Intel discovered with Larrabee ten years ago. Back then I thought that AMD would solve that problem with Fusion and that by now we would be seeing four socket motherboards with cpu/gpu chips instead of a discrete graphics card and that those systems would be crushing it. It would be like a revisit to the launch of the Voodoo when we went from 2D to 3D. Well, quick glance around and honestly we haven't actually progressed noticeably. The resolution has increased from 1080p to 4K, but otherwise nothing revolutionary. And sad to say, I can't point to a single game that's upcoming that looks like a must-have.
Voodoo 2 @ 1080p? LOL. People were running 800x600 in 1996.

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