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those are tdie temperatures monitored with ryzen master.
I checked out my corsair h115i pro monitoring software and, I don't know why but the settings were on silent (fans @ 600 Tr/m pump at 1200 Tr/m)
I setted back the fans to max 1200 tr/min and the pump to max 2800 tr/m ...... but well ... it's not really better

I did some little changes on cpu values to 3.8 Ghz and 1.256 V

I get:

IDLE temps: 46°C ( it can be 36-39 °c if there is nothing running, no backup software or no antivirus working in the background) ambiant temp = 24°C

Full load VRAY rendering after 4 minutes : 78°C

It's damn hot, I think it's not good for long term using :/

I add I've checked the thermal paste on the heatspreader and it looked fine

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