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[GoL]Steam Play versus Linux Version, a little performance comparison and more thoughts

Steam Play versus Linux Version, a little performance comparison and more thoughts

Before I begin, let's make something clear. I absolutely value the effort developers put into Linux games, I do think cross-platform development is incredibly important so we don't end up with more lock-in. However, let's be realistic for a moment. Technology moves on and it's not financially worth it to keep updating old games, they just don't sell as well as newer games (with exceptions of course). The intention with such comparisons is not to favour any developer or any method of gaming on Linux. It’s just to show what’s possible, what the differences are, what doesn’t work and so on. As the years go on, there will be more ways to run older games better and better, of that I've no doubt.

I'm not a zealot for any one particular method of gaming either and as a fan of all things gaming, software and technology, I thought it might be interesting and hopefully you do too. The tests were attempted on some games that have a Linux version, while also being games that are quite heavy on your system.
Coming soon to a Windows near you, WINE so that you can actually run your old games LOL.

Okay, seriously, this hi-lights the problems with ports. These are supposed to be running natively, but in a few cases running the Windows version via the compatibility layer was considerably better. That could just be down to the performance gap between OpenGL and Vulkan, since the Windows version is running DX11 which will be shoved through DXVK and out to your monitor. My experience with DOOM(2016) was that the menus hate, hate, HATE running in Vulkan, but the game itself was simply flawless. Keep coming back to the PS5 and the likelihood that it ends up running Vulkan. Vulkan simply doesn't matter to Windows people yet, but it's going to be a big deal in about two years when all the AAA ports show up running it.

I calculated the odds of this succeeding versus the odds I was doing something incredibly stupid... and I went ahead anyway.

If it's not coming out for the PC, it's dead to me.
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