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Quote: Originally Posted by Jarhead View Post
Steam Play versus Linux Version, a little performance comparison and more thoughts

Coming soon to a Windows near you, WINE so that you can actually run your old games LOL.

Okay, seriously, this hi-lights the problems with ports. These are supposed to be running natively, but in a few cases running the Windows version via the compatibility layer was considerably better. That could just be down to the performance gap between OpenGL and Vulkan, since the Windows version is running DX11 which will be shoved through DXVK and out to your monitor. My experience with DOOM(2016) was that the menus hate, hate, HATE running in Vulkan, but the game itself was simply flawless. Keep coming back to the PS5 and the likelihood that it ends up running Vulkan. Vulkan simply doesn't matter to Windows people yet, but it's going to be a big deal in about two years when all the AAA ports show up running it.
Your missing something here when you start talking about consoles. Playstation 4 could use vulkan right now if there was any benefit to it, but consoles games will use an API like dx or Vulcan as little as possible. If API usage goes up for consoles, it would be a step backwards. APIs like this are good for PC because all PCs are a little different, but not with consoles.

As far as Windows goes, I've got nothing against it but I doubt it will see a high adoption rate. Devs can't rely on support for open source software like vulkan and its my understanding that its already lagging behind dx12 in terms of its capabilities. Vulkan is just mantel 2.0 and mantel didn't last long.

Also worth noting that this is only working for a less than 30 games. I have nothing against gaming on Linux, but valve needs to give it a rest already. Steam OS failed and now they're just beating a dead horse. If they're so scared of the windows store, why not just lower the cut they take from devs or offer a subscription service like Microsoft is already doing? They wont innovate but they think they can push people into using a different OS instead.. it's just sad to see valve making so many weird moves and not doing anything positive for gaming beyond maintaining steam and occasionally doing something weird for an extreme niche of the market, like this.

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