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Quote: Originally Posted by UltraMega View Post
There's really only two platforms here... xbox, which is tuned to work well with DX as an API so devs can just use DX with xbox and get good console results, so they don't have to do much to retune it for windows, if any... and that just leaves PlayStation which has it's own API that is superior to vulkan (for playstation at least). No dev would use vulkan on PS over the PS APIs that sony provides them. At this point its safe to assume that devs are pretty comfortable with the two APIs.

Again, nothing against vulkan for gaming on Linux, I just think it's a huge waste of time for valve to get so invested in gaming on Linux after their big steam OS push failed so hard. If devs that actually make games want to use it, I'm all for it though realistically I don't see it gaining a lot of traction. Vulkan will most likely remain a rarely used API. Unifying an API to work on so many different platforms is just not something I expect to see good results from with an open source team. I definitely appreciate the reasoning behind it, just don't see it working out. It's asking too much for a pro-bono API.

There are 4 platforms. Xbox, Playstation, Switch and Android. Nintendo and Android use Vulkan and OpenGL. Switch was the most popular console of 2018 and Android gaming pulls a surprising amount of money for mobile games.

Valve's push on Linux is mostly a contingency against Microsoft and Windows Store. SteamOS was pretty much a random Linux distro+Big Picture Mode. Any inroads in Linux gaming softens the position of Windows being locked down. Vulkan may be a lesser used API in traditional gaming, but its not going anywhere. Especially now that its used in two relevant platforms.
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