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Quote: Originally Posted by UltraMega View Post
Sure but when you're talking about cross platform, 90% of the time it's just playstation and xbox. Switch is so different from either console, its more similar to a phone.

I don't think vulkan is going to fade away or anything, but it's totally unrealistic to think it would ever replace directX and sony's APIs for their platforms. Any game that gets big enough to work on PS4, xbox, switch, and android would almost for sure also be big enough for it to be worth while for the dev to take the time to code it for the best API for each platform.

Linux as a back up plan for valve is just a really, really stupid back up plan and that was really my point. It's a waste of time for valve to keep beating this dead horse. If they are afriad of steam losing relavency, the right move is not to back yourself into a corner where its so hard to do anything that microsoft wont follow, rather than just innovate at all, in any meaningful way.

Microsoft has a smart long term plan. Buy up a bunch of devs, get a real first party line up of games going, make the xbox and PC exclusives that work on either platform, and then sell a subscription service to their game store. Valve is going to be the last digital store to adopt a subscrition model. They really want to drag their feet on this, and its going to hurt them in the long run. If they were smart they would get ahead of microsoft and start offering a great subscription service now, so people would sign up for that before microsoft gets a chance to do it on PC. The future of gaming is going to be more like netflix where you pay for access to a library of games and I am all for it. If game demos and video store rentals were still a thing, we wouldn't need a subscription service but there are so many more games that I would probably play if only I didn't have to buy them, or pirate them, just to try them out.

I don't think they were afraid of relevancy until Epic Store and Discord Store started up. They were afraid of being locked out, anti-trust style. The Linux push believe it or not, was an opening that paid off for both Valve and consumers because it caused Microsoft to improve its PC Gaming stance and avoid hard Windows Store requirements . I wouldn't put it against them to do a subscription service however since Steam already does temporary licensing, but Valve is slow so we probably won't see this until late this year or the next depending on how well the other gaming subscription services perform.
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