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Quote: Originally Posted by MonarchX View Post
So what exactly does Q2 demo prove? We all knew that ray/path was possible... It existed for a while in cinema motion pictures... Does this demo somehow prove that RTX cards can render games with modern polygon count, shader, texture resolution, streaming technology, while fully utilizing true path/ray tracing and provide at least 30fps at 1080p? No way in hell... The only thing that this proves is that ray tracing is becoming a goal. It's now something that developers and engineers are trying to push further, perhaps at faster\higher rate than before, but that's about it... It's a good thing, especially if AMD succeeds at competing with NVidia with their own ray tracing technology.

What are the main differences between RTX partial ray tracing vs. full ray tracing vs. path tracing? Is NVidia's AI technology something that can help ray tracing become a viable option for in-game lighting more so than whatever else was necessary to make it a reality (raw GPU power) ?
It doesn't prove anything, it just showcases what path traces lighting can do to make a game look more realistic

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