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Sounds good but I would keep anything the melts/burns away (tape or similar). The 1 mm solder will be great, tinning the new shunt is really easy and you don't need to add solder on the card. A precision tool of some sort to hold the new resistor would be great, my hands are pretty steady but soldering that first connection while holding the top resistor in place with tweezers was definitely the tricky part, you can see that I didn't get the front resistor perfectly aligned. Getting the soldering iron temperature high enough was key so I didn't need to hold steady for too long.

Personally I wouldn't use nail polish on anything like that, you really shouldn't be spraying solder anywhere and nail polish melts/burns at solder temps so it isn't great protection. It probably just creates a false sense of security and a mess. With liquid metal nail polish makes a lot more sense.
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