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R.I.P. Chrome, right where it belongs. Google controlled slow behemoth inside and out. What's next? Mandatory ad popups from Google's advertising? Partnership with IOI?

The only hope for Chrome users is that Chromium forks hard and stops accepting any changes from Google but gets taken over by open source and non Chrome browsers switch from Chrome as the base to Chromium even more.

Considering the endless issues with Chrome that they do not want to resolve nor allow users to change in config, certainly not switching to it now.
How about, Google, why don't you stop supporting (opening) YouTube on anything but Chrome browsers, see how long you make it. Same kind of stupid decision as with the extension limitations. First FF changes their API to be more limited despite developers complaining about missing features, now Google messes up their Chrome big time to raise their income.

Don't be evil. I guess that means don't do anything good when you're a devil. Google/Alphabet right there smoldering in hell. Bring on the antitrust/anti monopoly already.
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