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Quote: Originally Posted by jfriend00 View Post
People who run ad-blockers are just selfish. Sites like this one ONLY pay the bills with ads. When you run an ad-blocker, you're asking everyone else who uses the site to pay for the site so you can use it. It's just selfish. If you're going to block ads, you should only use sites that you pay for with a subscription or some other fee system.

Unfortunately, there are far too many mis-behaved ads and that's one thing Google is trying to get rid of.
How can you say I should open ads on sites, and on the same breath accent the fact that ads mis-behave?

Until sites stop using ads sites that include sounds, flashy ads, pop ups, covering scripts that send you to shady sites, malware, etc, I will block ads everywhere.
I can't just guess which site is fine or not, and which site is basically using 80% ads, 15% malware, 5% content.

Sites and ad vendors screwed themselves up with what they did.

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