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PassMark - CPU Single Threaded Performance Test Score

I am interested in seeing Passmark CPU single Threaded test scores for overclocked Intel 8 and 9 series CPU's

The test can be downloaded and run for free from the PassMark website here:https://www.passmark.com/download/pt_download.htm

Once downloaded you can install and run. The GUI opens and a registration window opens on top of that. Just click continue on the registration window to close it.

In the GUI you wills see a spinning motherboard showing your installed components and on the left of the window you will see a column showing different benchmarks. The second box down which is yellow in color CPU mark. Click on the ligher colored part of that box. Its the top part and much bigger than the smaller part which will show a gauge and below the gauge 9 buttons for each of the CPU test.

The CPU single threaded test is the one I am interested in. The one on the right of the GUI.
Make sure there are no other programs running and click run. A window will open indicating that the test is running. It only takes a few seconds.

Please post your CPU, The frequency that you are running it at (the main core) it they are not all the same. And of course the Score you got in the test.

My CPU is i7 4770K @ 4.8ghz (all cores) and the score that my CPU got is 2890

Thanks in advance for any replies :-)

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