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Quote: Originally Posted by Fraizer View Post
haha probably... ^^


- i tried for the moment with the XMP 1 and i answer to the question after that "No" . i did right ? i put my memory voltage at 1.45v (constructor voltage) and i decide like this because i read on other post for high freq memory to put at vccio and Sa both 1.300v and i suceed to boot until 4500Mhz !!! ^^ after that i put on the VCCIO and SA both 1.250V it boot again but it took much much long time than 1.300volts...

- Can you please tell me wich XMP to load ? the XMP 1 or 2 ? (to understand: what is the difference between them ?)

- to boot at 4600Mhz i have to increase more than 1.300v the VCCIO and SA ?

DDR4 main timings is CAS, tRCD/TRP (usually set to the same value) and tRAS.
According to Raja @ Asus, to improve stability,
set tRAS equal to CAS + tRCD + tRTP (minimum value for tRAS). So in other words, tRTP should be equal to tRAS - TRCD - Cas.

Then set tWR = 2x (double) tRTP.
tRTP should never be less than 5.

I think @Jpmboy said this also.

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