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Really, some "no name" from Poland as champion... maybe he is really good but I would rather see StarCraft battle done in South Korea where the "pros" are. Next for comparisons is to limit power consumption, say a human burns XYZ of energy for that game, limit the AI to similar energy output, not put it on a super computer consuming so much energy it could power a small village LOL. And I would allow it only equal control as humans have via keyboard and mouse inputs but as fast as it wants to, with equal view of the screen not fed data magically in from game in perfect structure haha, let it learn from the image itself.
Cheating AIs. But OK I digress, put such AIs in actual games instead of the absolutely pathetic AI in games we have now whether it's offline singleplayer games or online games with so stupid AI it makes MMORPGs boring and laughable etc.

Next, or rather previous? Military application right there, what else. Bunch of drones controlled by AI, can't wait. AI overlords wars.
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