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2080ti fe starts at lowest voltage after clocking down.

As the title says.
When I Oc card it’s fine until I reach a point where it clocks down, after that it starts next run at the clocked down mv and struggles to go above it, an example of this is:- I set afterburner max power sliders, core +188/ mem +1000 = 2115mhz and I then run Timespy, this runs ok, so I keep increasing the core to +212 and run will clock right down to 0.93mv app1920mhz even 1850.
So I relax the core back to +188 and Timespy starts at 0.95mv 1920mhz and stays there.
Re set card to stock and re run and it will not hold any voltage over 0.95mv 1980mhz max.
This happens now at any setting whether I lock the voltage or not.
If I re boot machine ie complete power off then set it all again it then holds the clocks I set, so I can straight away put in a higher +core and mv and it will run.
Again as soon as i overdo it it clocks back and it is useless to try anysettings at all as it remembers where it clocked back to and starts from there, so a reboot of rig and it clears that memory.
Trying to figure this involved dozens of runs ( sad person I am haha) card has only had waterblock fitted, no other mods or bios so on that basis I can run Timespy at 2130mhz 1088mv ( clocks back during run to 1068mv/1040mv 2110/2080mhz
Max temp 54deg and 31deg on the chiller.
I made a note of most runs so I can post that if anyone is interested.
Overall unmodded it’s great but does need nv flash or shunt mod to sort damm power limit.
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