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How to easily move your Game Library & Game Saves to a new rig – Installing the 2TB SSD

Sometime back, I think it was in 2013 I was putting together a new rig, and kind of by accident I figured out how I could easily move my entire game library and all of my saved games to a new rig.

At that time the 500GB SSDs were the largest size SSDs available, but the sweet spot price wise was the 250GB SSDs. Two 250GB SSDs were cheaper than a single 500GB SSD. I was planning to put two 250GB SSDs in Raid 0 for the same amount of storage as a 500GB drive, but have more speed, and it would even be a little cheaper.

At first I got it to work ok, but then shortly thereafter I had problems with the RAID setup. To make a long story short I ended up wiping both drives clean, putting Windows and all of my programs on one drive, and using the second SSD just for games.

That turned out to be a blessing, as having a drive just for games was the whole key! If you have your games all on one drive, you can simply remove the drive from the old machine, install it in the new build, and then reinstall Steam, Uplay and any other gaming platform you have onto that drive. Steam and Uplay will just install right over your existing installations.

I just decided to give this a try this after doing a motherboard change with a new Windows installation. Just be sure to leave the Games SSD unplugged when you install Windows. Anyway I was kind of surprised it worked, but I have done this multiple times since then and it works great!

When you open Steam, all of your installed games are still installed, and all of your saves are still intact! There might be a few files that update when starting some games for the first time, but overall it works wonderfully.

Installing the Samsung 850 EVO 2TB SSD

My 250GB SSD I was using only for games worked great since previously my games were on a hard disk drive. The only problem was with the large size of games these days, I was often having to delete games to make room for new ones.

Once I finish games I like to be able to leave them installed because sometimes I like to go in and replay some parts of the game while I’m leveled up and have all the great weapons and gear that I’ve accumulated.

Fry’s Electronics had a killer one day only in store only deal on the Samsung 850 EVO 2TB SSDs not too many months after they were released. So I took advantage of that and picked one up. After that no more problems with not enough room for games

I’ve been planning to put this 2TB SSD into my new build here, but was waiting until closer to the end of the build so I could still play on my daily driver, plus it was not really needed yet. Now I want to run some Firestrike benchmark tests, and regrettably I purchased that software through Steam and it won’t run unless launched from Steam.

I haven’t really been playing any games lately anyway, so I am going to go ahead and move the 2TB SSD over into this build now. This is the only previously used component that is going into this build!

Move the latch over and pull one of the caddies out of the hot swap bay.

This hot swap bay was actually the first thing I purchased for this build. I was modding it before I had even received the case. If you missed everything I did to it, check out this post. Here’s what it looked like out of the box.

SSD installation doesn’t get much easier than this.

I pulled out my screw organizer and found some black socket head M3x4 screws to secure the SSD to the caddy.

It just slides back in and snap the latch closed.

Now I’m going to test and benchmark the video cards while they are still air cooled.

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