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Removing Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver fixed another problem

After taking the DVD drive out of the ASMedia SATA controller, the hang after sleep wakeup completely went away.

But, I was still having a couple other occasional problems. While just using the computer, not under any meaningful load like just typing, the computer would occasionally freeze for 20-30 seconds. If I was patient, it would come back and then work normally again.

More seriously, every once in a while, I'd bet a BSOD DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION. Again, all I'd be doing is just typing away, not under load at all. Removing my memory OC or my CPU OC didn't make the DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION BSOD go away (a few times a day).

In researching possible causes of DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION, a lot of the sources where related to SATA drivers. Hmm, this seems suspiciously like it may have been related to the hang-after-sleep-wakeup issue I was having earlier. Further research suggested that sometimes the problem can be fixed by making sure you're using Microsoft's SATA driver that is comes with Windows, not some other SATA driver.

I looked at what SATA driver I had installed and it was from Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver and utility ver: which was recommended to be used with my motherboard by ASRock (on the download page for my specific Z390 Taichi motherboard). As an experiment, I decided I'd remove the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver and let Windows install it's own SATA driver.

So far, I've had no momentary freezes and no BSODs of any kind since I remove that Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver in two days whereas I would see a momentary freeze and BSOD a couple times a day before. I have a theory that the Intel driver was causing problems with the ASMedia SATA port. I was unable to run extended stability tests over night (like RAMTest) before without getting the DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION BSOD and now I can just fine and I just finished two, two hour Prime95/Blend runs (one with AVX and one without). So, the system seems pretty solid now. Obviously, one needs longer than two days to have high confidence the issue is gone for sure, but by making one and only one change to my system it went from seeing the problem multiple times a day to not seeing it at all.

If I were really trying to diagnose root cause, I'd reinstall the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver and remove anything from the ASMedia SATA port (that requires unplugging a hard drive that is currently in use because of the number of drives I have) and run with that for a few days. But, that's probably ASRock's responsibility, not mine. I'm just happy to have a stable system again.

So far, I've had trouble with two sets of drivers on ASRock's download page, the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver and the Realtek high definition audio driver which I also uninstalled after it was causing a regular AUDIODG.EXE page fault (visible only in the Windows event viewer). My system is working better without either of those drivers.

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