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Quote: Originally Posted by JackCY View Post
Really, some "no name" from Poland as champion... maybe he is really good but I would rather see StarCraft battle done in South Korea where the "pros" are.

Did.... did some one tell him Serral from Poland won all 4 WCS Grandmaster Titles last year and wiped the floor at Blizzcon World Championships against ALL the Korean Pros...?? I dont think he's been up to date on the most historic win of all time in Esports History.................

Maybe he did, since he used "" around the world Pros, either that or he doesnt know when to use air quotes.

Also, for those that are just talking before reading the actual deepmind article and watching the entire matchup series and videos, they LIMITED THE AI ON APM and SCREEN MOVEMENTS Per Min to HALF that of the pros capabilities. Where as the pros can easily hit APM's into the 600-800 during a match, sometimes over 1k APM, the AI was limited to around 300 or so and only 30 screen movements, where as Serral who won bilzzcon this yr against the Korean Pros had up to 60+ Screen Movements Per Min.

So the AI wasnt faster than the human players, it was straight up handicapped to be slower. They got out played, end of story.

EXCEPT in the last match that was live vs MaNa, that was an exhibition match, and MaNa won vs Deepmind when he was able to bug it out and make it predictable, thus exploitable. Go read and watch the matches for yourselfs, trust me, its more then just some spambot that does aim/micro hax.

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