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Quote: Originally Posted by Chachi123 View Post
Also, for those that are just talking before reading the actual deepmind article and watching the entire matchup series and videos, they LIMITED THE AI ON APM and SCREEN MOVEMENTS Per Min to HALF that of the pros capabilities. Where as the pros can easily hit APM's into the 600-800 during a match, sometimes over 1k APM, the AI was limited to around 300 or so and only 30 screen movements, where as Serral who won bilzzcon this yr against the Korean Pros had up to 60+ Screen Movements Per Min.

So the AI wasnt faster than the human players, it was straight up handicapped to be slower. They got out played, end of story.
If you comment like that, I expect that you saw the little "bursts" of performance from the AI.
It used the limitations to its advantages.
It "collected" action times to bursts, so instead of consistent APM, it do them all in the same time, creating a negative skew curve.
Those things are not something any human can do, even the pros.
They also didn't limit as you claim they did. They actually lifted a lot of those limitations..

Also top players are not even close to real 1K APM, by a long shot, without waste clicking. I have no idea where you got that from. They would average at about 400 APM, with small bursts.
If you want to learn why some of the APM isn't real APM, you can read this. Some actions can easily manipulate APM counts. You can find more examples or suggestions in other places how to manipulate that count without doing real clicks.

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