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Screen Resizing randomly after long periods afk

After a purchase of a GTX 1060 6GB I have had a issue where my screen resolution seems to resize after going AFK with screensaver on. It only seems to happen after a long period of time of being away. The screen saver doesn't always cause it to happen especially if I return to the PC before more than an hour or two has passed.

I can fix the size temporarily if I go into Nvidia Control Panel and press "Resize" on the size/scaling options page. It immediately finds all 4 corners and remains at 1080p, I just push ok and it resizes itself without issues.

It's strange because it doesn't actually change the resolution it just somehow becomes larger than the screen until I press "Resize". I never had this issue prior to using the 1060 6GB. Any solutions greatly appreciated.

Things I have tried:
New graphics drivers (now persisted through multiple updates)
Enabling/Disabling desktop resizing
Changing scaling mode (Fullscreen, Aspect Ratio, No scaling)
Updating Windows (Fully up to date)
Clean install of graphics driver

Relative system Specs:
Windows 10
ASRock Z97 Extreme4 Mobo
I7 4790K
LG 49LJ550M-UB (TV, not PC monitor. Wondering if this is somehow related but I didn't have issue with previous graphics card)

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