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Quote: Originally Posted by doyll View Post
Temps look good. Do you know the air temp into CPU and GPU coolers?
I need to retest with thermal probes inside.
With H110, which had 2x air exausts, in a dead zone inside case it was around 38, so around 8c delta over ambient.
I will probe again around gpu exausts and possible dead zones.

Quote: Originally Posted by doyll View Post
Temps look good. Do you know the air temp into CPU and GPU coolers?
Done retesting while taking measures on same dead point when i measured before with h110. Measure point is a good dead spot, cant sense or perceive any airflow, against case wall, near top. Everywhere else there is airflow.
Room temp 29.7c. And its around midnight. Real hell.

Case temp when cpu temps stabilized, around 78c: 35.5c, so a delta of around 5.8c.
Case temp after cooling, idle: 32.5c.

So over this particular low airfllow spot, worse scenario was 5.8c delta over load. This gave me -2C over the last setup, when i was with psu intaking from inside, and 2 top exaust fans over the radiator.
It seen the solo air pressure generated by intake fans can work better than having a lot of fans generating pressure and exausting all around. Positive pressure seen to be the best way around, and directed by a fan aligned with gpu and a fan aligned with cpu.

I think i can still get better results, but its clear to me that this setup wins all around comparing with radiator / exausts.

One thing that i perceived about this particular spot, it took around 4 minutes to go back to 32.5c resting temperature, it probably is a dead spot, and fans rpm are adjusted by cpu temps.
It would be interesting if after a sustained load, i could keep fans spinning fast for 1-2 minutes to clean out, reducing faster the heat buildup, however, on ASUS bios i didnt find any way to do it.
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