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Quote: Originally Posted by Chachi123 View Post

500apm AVG over 25 mins.... to achieve THAT high of an avg, you SPIKE up to 1k apm, NOBODY said they avg 1kAPM, but to insinuate that they dont get up to 1kAPM is BS cuz i watched the finals live and he would get up to 1200 APM in the middle of a match when doing heavy micro at the 12-15 min mark. I dont know how longs its been since you've watched pros, but they gotten a lot better than they used to, this yr especially.

And it doesnt matter, cuz it only took 300 APM to destroy the AI when it MaNa went up to the Exibition match and beat it due to a AI loop in the latest version of the actual AI that has special limits on map looking as well.
Two things.

One, 1K has been shown to be "fake", as you clearly didn't look at the links. They don't actually do 1K APM, but do much less by multi clicking the same action, especially when multi selecting as it register as several actions, so it is not real 1K APM. They also talk about it multiple times in the commentaries.

Secondly, you keep pointing at the exhibition match, but fail to remember that he top player lost 5 times, because they lifted the restrictions, as the AI was mimicking the extra clicks of the players (which they also stated, it was unnecessary, and was just to artificially raise APMs).
Weren't you the one praising that guy? Didn't he lost?

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