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Quote: Originally Posted by ZealotKi11er View Post
Most 2080 Tis have 3 years warranty. Get a brand that has a good reputation and go with that. No point to go from 1080 to 1080 Ti.
I was planning on going with EVGA, most people seem to recommend their customer support and warrenties. And I agree, althought a 1080ti is a boost I just don't think it's a large enough boost from a 1080 imo.

Quote: Originally Posted by white owl View Post
I'd just wait for the next GPUs or buy used, Turing has terrible price-to-performance and buying another GPU from Nvidia just ensures that prices will stay this way.
I thought of this as well. Thing is idk when the next line of GPU's will be out. I remember hearing rumors of the 11xx series being released sometime this year but I'm not sure. But I agree the 2080ti price - performance isn't good, but it is the top of the line gamer gpu as of now, and I'm interested in its performance. As I said I'm just curious if it's worth the risk due to all the RMA's I've been reading about.

Quote: Originally Posted by mattliston View Post
Why are you worried about 2080 TI rma's??

They are actually not common at all.

Go grab it if you want it!

Else a 1080 TI on the used market is still one heck of a card for under $600
I do hope you're right about the RMA's not being common. But considering the amount of people posting their experiences about RMA'ing their cards, has me in disbelief. How is it that multiple people RMA'd their cards 2-3 times and had similar issues? Granted not all 20XX series owners experience this, but this imo is still alarming. Granted I know it's new tech and stuff and needs to be tuned and debugged, but you got to admit the amount of people complaining raises some questions. I truely do want the 2080ti, but I got to be wise with this $1500 decision lol.

And I wouldn't mind a 1080 ti, but as others said it might not be worth the jump performance wise from a 1080. I'm just considering it if the 2080ti option isn't a wise one.
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